WIS First Lego League
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Monday, December 12, 2016
WIS Project Award Winners
WIS Project Award Winners
Lego Team Qualifies for State Competition


WIS held the Georgetown County FLL Qualifier. We hosted 13 area teams, four of them being first year teams.  The challenge this year was Animal Allies.  Students had to research and design an innovative solution for a problem where people and animals interact.  Our team chose to focus on how albatrosses will try to dive into the water to catch their next meal without realizing the meal is actually bait on the end of a commercial fishing line.  This leads to many birds unintentionally getting killed each year.  The kids developed streamers that attach to the fishing lines that mimic the tiger shark’s stripes in the hopes that albatrosses will be scared away since the sharks are their predators, but still allow the fishermen to catch fish.  The programming board had several missions that all involved how people and animals interact.  The kids had to first design a robot and then develop the programming that would allow the robot to go into the ‘field’ to complete the missions. 

The WIS Robo Renegades received the Project Award and is one of four teams that will go onto the East State Championship on Jan. 21st at WHS.

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